Smart TV Shopping Guide

Whether you have decided to buy a smart TV or an HDR, you should know that the world of TVs can be very confusing. Each one of these devices comes with innovative features and an advanced technology which can make them less affordable. That’s why, in order to help you make a decision, we will present you a smart TV shopping guide.


If you have an unlimited budget, you can opt for a smart TV with a large feature set. Moreover, you should also choose a TV that features some apps such as Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video and Netflix for video streaming. Before you go shopping, you need to consider that some smart TVs have 3D viewing capabilities and will provide you with 3D glasses. Nowadays, the technology has advanced, so you can also find TVs which can allow you change channels by using simple voice commands or hand gestures.

Display & Audio

Having a range of feature will not help you very much if the picture is weak. Some of the best smart TVs have vivid displays with vibrant colors which will inspire you with the beauty of the pictures. Moreover, deep black levels will separate light and dark colors so you can notice the contrast in scenes. On the other hand, you can also find some lower-end smart TV with mediocre displays which won’t bring you the theater experience into your home. Furthermore, if you are thinking about buying a smart TV, you should also buy an extra sound system, because most built-in speakers are lacking in power.


It’s good to know that if you subscribe to streaming services, you can connect fewer devices to your TV. In fact, cutting the cable cord is a popular practice. On the other hand, a lot of homes have cable or satellite services, Blu-ray players and other services hooked to their smart TVs in addition to streaming services. Nowadays, most devices are high definition, so you will need HDMI ports. Moreover, the USB ports are also crucial for some multimedia devices such as flash drives for viewing photos.

Help & Support

Whether you are buying a smart TV or a fridge, you surely know that the warranty is essential. Moreover, you will feel better if you know that the manufacturer has your back. Additionally, if you have any problem with your device, it’s important to have a customer support help, such as an email, live chat or toll-free phone.