Most Advanced Home Security Technologies

When it comes to protecting ourselves, a simple home security system is not enough. You may find a lot of home security technologies such as smart door locks, security systems, and garage door openers, but it’s very important to make a choice which can satisfy your need. As such, in this article, we have gathered some of the most advanced home security technologies.

Bullet resistant doors

The bullet resistant door is one of the safest ways to protect you and your family from any hostile attack. This type of door is filled with electromagnetic locks which will bare the intruder’s entry. Actually, this is a high-security measure, and no one can have access to your house or to any particular room without your authorization. However, this technology has been used by millionaires, because it is very expensive. The bullet resistant door can cost around $400,000 a piece.

Burglar Blaster

The Burglar Blaster is an expensive system which is usually installed in ceilings. This type of system can be compatible with some other security systems such as smoke machines. In fact, some householders are opting for the Burglar Blaster due to its technology to release fog which can cause confusion to the intruders. Moreover, it can produce some noxious gasses whose effects last up to 24 hours. Nowadays, this system has become very popular because it is an efficient way to protect your home. However, only a few householders choose to install the Burglar Blaster, because it costs around $50,000.


The LiftMaster is a garage door opener which provides you with safety and performance. This system is created to perform and designed to last. Actually, the LifeMaster is a smart choice which can give you everything you need such as performance, security, and connectivity. Efficient and economical, the LiftMaster is an amazing choice for those people who need practical garage door openers which can get them in and out of their garage quickly and safely.

Frontpoint Security

The Frontpoint security is one of the most safest systems on the market. As such, if you are thinking about choosing the Frontpoint system, you should know that you won’t have any installation charges because you can install this system yourself. It will take you about 30 minutes to set it up. In fact, most people choose this option because it is easy to use and to install. Moreover, you can control it by using your phone.