5 Must Have Laundry Gizoms and Gadgets

If you have a laundry room, then you are without a doubt a lucky person because you can place there all your things, instead of placing them in other rooms of the house, like many people do. It is recommended to go for the best appliances, in order to ease your life. Here are 5 amazing laundry gizoms and gadgets that you should certainly own.

1. Samsung WA48J7700AW washer

The main problem that most people encounter, when it comes to their laundry, are the stains, which are quite hard to eliminate. This will definitely not be a problem anymore, due to the amazing washer from Samsung. This household appliance it is absolutely great for pre-treating stains. The unit features 11 washing cycles, so that all your needs can be met. Overall, it is a must-have laundry machine.

2. LG Smart ThinQ dryer

A laundry must have a dryer, and it must have a quality one. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get the LG Smart ThinQ appliance. This model uses the Smart Technology in order to gently yet efficiently dry any type of clothes. If you really want to protect your clothes, then you should opt for a dryer like this. This unit is able to diagnose problems and also receive solutions remotely. The settings are easily programmable from the touchscreen.

3. Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet fabric steamer

A fabric steamer is certainly a fantastic choice. If you want a unit that will help you remove with ease all the wrinkles from your clothes, then you need to purchase a fabric steamer. Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet is one of the best units of this type available in the shops today. It provides 1 hour of continuous steam on a full tank. You can easily freshen up your curtains, bedding, sofas, and more with this wonderful product.

4. Philips Perfectcare Silence GC9550/02 steam generator iron

A steam generator iron is another great choice you could make for your laundry. It will definitely ease your life. Ironing will be enjoyable instead of stressful as it usually is for many people. The device gets steamy quite fast, and you can use it for about 35 minutes, before you must fill the tank again with water.

5. FoldiMate laundry folding machine

This is without a doubt one of the 5 must have laundry gizmos and gadgets, that will considerably ease your life. This innovative machine will neatly fold, steam, remove wrinkles, and even soften all your clothes just by using your fabric softener. Folding takes around 10 seconds per item, which is absolutely amazing. All in all, this amazing device will be extremely useful, especially if you are a very busy person.